49s Teatime Results For Today (April 2023)

Make your night exciting by obtaining a participating in the most up to date UK Teatime Result as well as don’t miss winning a jackpot. We are here to introduce 49s Teatime Results for Today at the earliest and to make a contribution to changing your lot of money.

PCSO Lotto GamesWinning NumbersJackpot Prize
6/58 September 3, 202351-08-56-18-37-0949,500,000.00
6/55 September 2, 202310-02-17-04-35-51103,523,966.80
6/49 September 3, 202332-29-10-45-17-3030,390,963.00
6/45 September 1, 202330-42-39-12-35-188,910,000.00
6/42 September 2, 202329-11-32-34-23-2226,517,289.80
6D September 2, 20239-6-4-3-0-7598,781.28
4D September 1, 20230-5-9-4494,575.00
Swertres/3D September 3, 2023
2:00 PM7-4-54,500.00
5:00 PM6-9-74,500.00
9:00 PM2-4-64,500.00
EZ2/2D September 3, 2023
2:00 PM15-044,000.00
5:00 PM29-194,000.00
9:00 PM30-114,000.00

UK49’s offers you an exciting deal of bashing your teatime by joining the teatime draw and gets a chance to fill out your pockets with every sip of your tea after discovering your lucky number in Teatime Results.

UK 49s Teatime Results Today

Teatime Result April 3rd 2023
Teatime Result April 2nd 2023
Teatime Result April 1st 2023

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When did the Uk Teatime Results announce?

UK49s Ltd develops the lottery and it operates twice a day. Anyone can participate in both moments and can boost their chances of winning.

  • Lunchtime

Draw 1 takes place in the mid-day ball at 12.49 PM according to UK time and is named as 49s Lunchtime.

  • Teatime

Draw 2 takes place in the evening at 17:49 according to UK time as well as is called 49s Teatime.

Results History

Teatime draw takes place 7 days a week, as well as the teatime result, is introduced at 5:49 PM (UK) daily. One obtains a possibility to play the Teatime Lottery for the entire week and also obtains the results simply by scrolling down the internet site.

As soon as you discover your number in the latest teatime draw, you can declare your incentive precisely the place, and the prize will certainly be transferred to you. 6 numbers are drawn from the lot in addition to 1 bonus number. The numbers that are displayed in the teatime result are totally arbitrary and also rather selected.

Rules to play 49s Teatime Results

You can predict all 7 numerals including the booster number from 1 to 49. That’s all, that you need to make sure and then await the exact time for the most up to date UK 49s teatime results to obtain advertising. If luck knocks at your front door then simply case for the award as well as you will be transforming the tables.

A player can bet teatime by means of numerous betting outlets and workplaces in South Africa and the rest of the UK.

How to boost your chances to win?

Previous teatime results will aid you to give an increment to your opportunities to win a jackpot.

  • Firstly, make calculations on previous results that are announced in the past months. You can examine the UK Teatime results History.
  • This will aid you in picking winning digits for the up coming attracts.
  • Don’t focus on a significant number like your birthday and telephone number etc
  • Do not solely think of your lucky number.
  • Check out daily statics, you can check 49s teatime results latest upgrade on 49s-results.co.uk.
  • Obtain a thorough account of stats pertaining to previous results and then simply follow your reactions, the reward will be just yours.

Teatime FAQs

[su_spoiler title=”What time is Teatime draw?” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]

The second draw, called the Teatime draw happens 7 days a week from Monday to Sunday and also is held in the early evening at 17:49 PM(UK) Time.


[su_spoiler title=”Most common Teatime numbers?” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]

The most typical Uk49s Teatime numbers are 37 as well as 46.